The Stanford Building Decarbonization Learning Accelerator

Teaching tools for university and college educators to prepare the next generation of building professionals.



Building decarbonization is the single most important paradigm shift in construction since the introduction of LED lighting or the LEED rating system.  Teaching is the key to unlocking this transformation.

What is the BDLA?

Users can access case studies, slide decks, videos, exercises, reading materials and other resources to seamlessly build decarbonization into their existing courses about sustainable buildings, or create a brand new course focused on this topic.

Symposium Highlights

This exciting event showcased the latest advancements in teaching building decarbonization to the next generation and included presentations from industry leaders, professors, and students, as well as a chance for group discussions.

Professor Testimonials

“On behalf of the Architectural Engineering degree program in the Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering Department at NC A&T State University, we want to thank BDLA for the valuable guidance, partnership, and materials you provided on building decarbonization. I highly recommend the detailed educational materials on the website. The BDLA team is very knowledgeable and responsive to the needs of higher education instruction.” 

– Raymond C. Tesiero III, PhD, Assistant Professor, North Carolina A & T State Univeristy

The Stanford BDLA teaching resources include detailed write-ups of some of the country’s best examples of building decarbonization.