BDLA Monthly Webinar: Building Decarbonization Goes Mainstream – How a Quarter of the US Adopted Electrification Policies

April 12, 2024 11am-12pm PT

The Stanford Building Decarbonization Learning Accelerator (BDLA) will host a 1-hour webinar with experts from the Building Decarbonization Coalition.
Webinar Description:
Spurred by local governments in California, the building electrification movement has spread across the nation and influenced regulatory proceedings, legislation, and building codes. Whether deployed as a means of improving public health or meeting emission reduction goals, building electrification is the most efficient way to decarbonize this sector, which is responsible for 30% of total US GHG emissions annually. This presentation will give a historical overview of the movement, discuss policy triggers, market wins, and various statewide strategies that characterize this revolutionary moment for the built environment.
Note: When you register, we would love to know more about your profession and what you would like to learn and any questions you have about state and local building decarbonization policy so they may be addressed during the webinar. Although, you also may bring your questions to the webinar!
Speaker Bios: 
Claire deVroede
Claire deVroede
Claire is a CivicSpark Fellow with the Building Decarbonization Coalition. She manages the Zero Emissions Building Tracker and researches pathways to accelerate decarbonization at neighborhood scale through local planning laws. Prior to BDC, she developed hands-on STEM classes for children in the Portland Public Schools, organized bus riders for a fareless transit campaign with Sunrise Movement PDX, and learned biological farming methods in The Netherlands. In 2022, she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in religion and political science from Reed College, where served as an adjudicator on the school’s judicial board. She currently lives in the Bay Area, where she likes to go on hikes and listen to unsettling podcasts about AI.

Lawrence Garber
Lawrence is a Senior Policy Associate with the Building Decarbonization Coalition (BDC). He works with local government staff around California to create a safer and healthier energy future by moving buildings off of fossil fuels. Prior to joining BDC, he served as an environmental science educator in Yosemite National Park, a high school teacher in Austin, Texas, and a Peace Corps Volunteer in Sierra Leone and Namibia. He has a Masters in International Environmental Policy from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. He currently lives in Irvine, CA, where you can find him cooking for family and friends on his induction hob.

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Gas Stove

BDLA Monthly Webinar: Cooking Up Clarity – Insights on Gas Stoves and their Influence on Indoor Air Quality

May 2, 2024 12pm-1pm PT

The Stanford Building Decarbonization Learning Accelerator (BDLA) will host a 1-hour webinar with experts from RMI and Stanford University.
Webinar Description:

Join our May webinar to dive into one of the hottest decarbonization topics in recent years: gas stoves. RMI expert Brady Seals and Dr. Rob Jackson of Stanford are teaming up for a discussion on the burning questions they get about the indoor air quality ramifications of cooking with gas and the health benefits of switching to electric. Bring your own questions for the open Q&A!

Speaker Bios: 
Stanford University
Rob Jackson
Rob Jackson is a professor of Earth System Sciences at Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability and Fellow at Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment. He and his lab examine the many ways people affect the Earth. They seek basic scientific knowledge and use it to help shape policies and reduce the environmental footprint of global warming, energy extraction, and other issues. They are also working to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the Global Carbon Project, which Jackson chairs. 

Brady Seals
Brady Seals works on RMI’s Carbon-Free Buildings Team. She works to build the narrative on the health and air quality benefits of building decarbonization, build a network of health experts and advocates across the country, and advance health and climate policy.
Build Beyond Zero

BDLA Monthly Webinar: Build Beyond Zero

February 16, 2024

40% of global emissions come from the built environment, yet we now see a path beyond zero to buildings absorbing gigatons of carbon every year.  Bruce King gave a talk about building technologies both new and ancient that can provide all of our needs as well as help heal the climate.
Speaker Bio: 
Bruce King

Bruce King

Bruce King is the author of The New Carbon Architecture and Build Beyond Zero with Chris Magwood, and has been a structural engineer for 45 years, designing buildings of every size and type all over the world. He is also author of the ASTM standard for earthen construction, the Marin County Low-Carbon Concrete code, Design of Straw Bale Buildings, and other books.  He is also Founder and Director of the Ecological Building Network (EBNet), a non-profit information resource that is launching the BuildWell Project to develop and disseminate free online video and teaching resources on climate-friendly building.

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Decarbonization Equity

BDLA Monthly Webinar: Accelerating Decarbonization with Equity and the Risks of Not

January 26, 2024

The acceleration of decarbonization is critical to address the climate crisis. However, decarbonization has the opportunity to exacerbate existing inequalities in health and income or start to address these inequities. This webinar reviewed the risks of continuing as the industry has over the last decade and how equitable solutions can accelerate decarbonization in residential and commercial properties.
Speaker Bio: 
Anthony Kinslow, II

Anthony Kinslow II, PhD, CEM is the founder and CEO of Gemini Energy Solutions which democratize the energy efficiency sector. Additionally, he lectures two classes at Stanford University at the intersection of Clean Energy and Equity.

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