BDLA Workshop

The Stanford Building Decarbonization Learning Accelerator (BDLA) hosts workshops and symposiums for professors who are interested in incorporating the BDLA teaching materials into their existing curriculum or developing a new building decarbonization course.

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Building Decarbonization Teaching Workshop for HBCU Professors & Students

July 30-31, 2024

Learn about building decarbonization, energy equity, and enhance your curriculum from experts in the field.


Day 1 (afternoon)

  • Intro to Building Decarbonization
  • Equitable Decarbonization
  • HBCU Energy Institute
  • Architectural Responses 
  • Dinner with HBCU Green Fund

Day 2

  • Building Electrification
  • Renewable energy
  • Embodied Carbon
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Net-Zero Building Tour

Morehouse College, Atlanta

July 30-31

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Dr. Anthony Kinslow II, Gemini Energy Solutions, Stanford University

Anthony Kinslow II, PhD, CEM is the founder and CEO of Gemini Energy Solutions which democratize the energy efficiency sector. Additionally he lectures two classes at Stanford University at the intersection of Clean Energy and Equity.

Peter Rumsey, Stanford University

Peter Rumsey, founder of Point Energy Innovations and Stanford Adjunct lecturer, stands at the forefront of low-energy and net-zero building innovation with over 40 years of distinguished experience. Based in San Francisco, his engineering expertise has contributed to 50 LEED platinum projects, the highest number by any engineer in the U.S.

Felicia Davis, Founder of HBCU Green Fund

Felicia Davis

Felicia M. Davis is a staunch advocate for measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency retrofits, green building, renewable energy solutions, and an array of sustainable practices. In 2016, she founded the HBCU Green Fund to help finance green projects at historically Black colleges and universities. She has cultivated an extensive network of faculty, professionals, and student climate, energy, and environmental justice advocates.

Dr. Richard Schulterbrandt Gragg III

Dr. Richard Schulterbrandt Gragg III

Dr. Richard Schulterbrandt Gragg III Is a professor of environmental science and justice, sustainability, and human health at Florida A & M University. In addition, he conducts research and community engagement in environmental justice and health disparities, workforce development in STEM, and environmental science and policy teaching. He collaborates across disciplines and sectors to foster participatory action and solutions. Currently, he serves as President at the up-and-coming HBCU Energy Institute, a National Technical Association project.