BDLA Workshop

The Stanford Building Decarbonization Learning Accelerator (BDLA) hosts workshops and symposiums for professors who are interested in incorporating the BDLA teaching materials into their existing curriculum or developing a new building decarbonization course.

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Building Decarbonization Virtual Teaching Symposium

Building Decarbonization Virtual Teaching Symposium

March 8, 2024

The Stanford Building Decarbonization Learning Accelerator (BDLA) hosted our second Building Decarbonization Teaching Symposium. 
This exciting event showcased the latest advancements in teaching building decarbonization to the next generation and included presentations from industry leaders, professors, and students, as well as a chance for group discussions. 
The BDLA welcomed the following speakers:
  • Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization: Why They Should Not Be Ignored

    Amory Lovins, Co-founder of world renowned RMI and Lecturer at Stanford University

  • US Government Policies, Practices, and Successes

    Cara Carmichael, White House Council on Environmental Quality
  • An Update on Building Decarbonization: The Fastest Growing Clean Energy Sector Ever
    Panama Bartholomy
    Panama Bartholomy, Director of the Building Decarbonization Coalition
  • Teaching Decarbonization: Gaming Simulation
    Alpha Arsano
    Alpha Arsano, Architect, Building Scientist, and Educator at Northeastern University
This event was intended for educating professors on building decarbonization and offering insight on how to best teach their students this important subject, but will also be engaging for anyone working in the built environment.

Workshop Recording