BDLA Webinar

The Stanford Building Decarbonization Learning Accelerator (BDLA) hosts workshops for professors who are interested in incorporating the BDLA teaching materials into their existing curriculum or developing a new building decarbonization course.

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Decarbonization Equity

BDLA Monthly Webinar: Accelerating Decarbonization with Equity and the Risks of Not

January 26, 2024

The acceleration of decarbonization is critical to address the climate crisis. However, decarbonization has the opportunity to exacerbate existing inequalities in health and income or start to address these inequities. This webinar reviewed the risks of continuing as the industry has over the last decade and how equitable solutions can accelerate decarbonization in residential and commercial properties.
Speaker Bio: 
Anthony Kinslow, II

Anthony Kinslow II, PhD, CEM is the founder and CEO of Gemini Energy Solutions which democratize the energy efficiency sector. Additionally, he lectures two classes at Stanford University at the intersection of Clean Energy and Equity.

Webinar Recording