The Stanford Building Decarbonization Learning Accelerator (BDLA) hosts workshops for professors who are interested in incorporating the BDLA teaching materials into their existing curriculum or developing a new building decarbonization course.

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Hip Hop Caucus

BDLA Monthly Webinar: Boosting Energy Autonomy Through Decarbonization with Hip Hop Caucus

June 7, 2024 11am-12pm PT

Bank Black & Green works to flow capital away from systems invested in mass incarceration and the fossil fuel industry. Stephone Coward II will present his work with Black-owned banks funding local community and Black-owned projects, as well as urban greening projects they have successfully completed. He will explain economic “Just Transitions” and the growing importance of energy democratization. In all of this work, it is integral to decarbonize buildings when separating dependence from the fossil fuel industry and also adding value to the communities Bank Black & Green represents. He will explain the reasons how and why decarbonized buildings play an important role in reducing dependence on systems that inhibit social, environmental, and economic justice.

Speaker Bio: 
Stephone M Coward II, Economic Justice, Justice Paid in Full Campaigns Director
Stephone Coward II

A graduate of University of Texas at Arlington, Stephone possesses a Bachelors of Arts in History and Master of Science in Sustainability. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. and is a freelance writer for several publications.

Stephone has recently become a Just Economy Institute Fellow. The Just Economy Institute educates and connects a growing movement of financial activists who are shifting the flow of capital and power to support the well-being of all people and the planet. Because of his work and passion, Stephone has been named one of Forbes Next 1000 as a Social Entrepreneur.

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